Available for Android & Windows. 



Fly by Flatulence!

Tap the cow to push forward

After an extensive meal of grass, the little cow is so bloated that she takes off!  Utilize her digestive gases to navigate in the air and reach the next level.

 Full Manual

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Endless Fun

Infinity Level generates a new maze each time you play. 

Growing Challenge

Upgrade to premium to unlock new content for infinity maze.

Premium Features

Quest Maps

7 additional Questmaps with over 40 handcrafted levels. Finish a questmap to unlock additional content!

Additional Animals

Complete quests, to transform into mouse, cat or chicken and use their extra skills!

... and more!

- Fire Obstacles
- Hay Distractors
- Game on Time
- Night Mode
- no advertisment

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Available for Android & Windows. 

»What people are saying...«*

Margaret E.

"This is fartastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Fred S.

"Amazing game. Farting all day now!"

Sarah W.

"So cute!"